* The Wof expiry date can be postdated for 14 days.* Get your car booked in a few days early to avoid the inconvenience of having the wof being expired and the car needing repair.
Wof Inspectors must adhere rigidly to the VIRM. This Vehicle Inspection Requirements Manual is available on-line. Click the icon on the left for access to the manual.
## SAFETY##. Safety for passengers and the general public is the primary concern regarding the wof.
## MAINTAINANCE ##. Maintainance and prevention of costly repairs before they happen is the primary concern regarding vehicle servicing.
## EFFICIENCY ##. Efficient use of fuel, power, and smooth operation is the primary concern regarding vehicle tuning. Servicing will also affect tune items
Len Van Kempen. A-grade Technician with 25+ years of experience with vehicle mechanicals and electronics. We have the tools, scanners, oscilloscopes and information resources to repair most cars